dysfunctional system with distorted outcomes

BO44 2012

BO44 2012 and dysfunctional people with very distorted outcomes.

Nobody pays my website any attention but here I go again. dysfunctional system and the distorted outcomes

I know that is not you, so things must have recently changed!

However, for me they have always been the same. It is amazing how two people living the same life, side by side and both are experiencing two opposite results. One is hurting and the other?

These experiences are both self-inflicted and they will never agree or see the same, unless? They both, at the same time, can see a dysfunctional system and the distorted outcomes it creates.

At least make'em work for it. What could piss them off more than this - BO44 2012? Keep the advantage and when you see the whites of their eyes???

Symptoms: Even from toddler on, you know things just are not right, but they try to make you believe they are. Things just do not make sense because they hurt.

How do you feel to see mom and dad fighting? Which one do you help? What will be your fate? Hate and fear breeds more hate and fear and the cycle is started all over again, until death. Ask a slave, not a Rocket Scientist.

The Rocket Scientist will never agree with you, because he sees it as self-inflicted. Is not that the way outsiders view the plight of Black people? Why do they keep doing those stupid things to themselves? Take a lesson learned.

Now, apply that question across the board, even to America, Are we doing those things to ourselves? Are we moving forward or backwards? Are we a prosperous people? Now, look at the state of our economy? Does that mean we are having fun?

That tells you, what you are doing and how serious. that's proof, the end result, the buck stops. A very dysfunctional people with very distorted outcomes.

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Oil profits 2011

Dying smells.

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