Black American Women and Monogamy

In our desperate quest for more safety and security, from where comes our ideology of monogamy and how to achieve it?

I want a monogamous relationship? I don’t sleep with one man at a time? And they have plenty of self-righteous explanations to challenge their Black male counterpart. The monogamous illusion is about: Entering into a sanctimonious relationship, (((making a show of being morally superior to other people ))), normally consisting of  a heterosexual couples, united in matrimony, have smart kids and live life happily ever after.  What’s happening to all the sanctimonious talk about putting family first?

What constitutes a monogamous violation and to whom do we consult to resolve our differences? A man is not wrong until he himself first admits he is wrong. They say there is a reason for everything and everything in moderation... so why is there zero-tolerance for monogamy?

First, we blame the Black man for destroying sanctimonious relationships by the perception of his Black woman for putting more material wealth above his family needs. Hence, Black women decided to seek their own material wealth to show the Black man how this should really be accomplished. Bottomline is we have ended up worse off than we were when we started and are in a serious state of denial.

In our quest to achieve our perception of economic success, we have destroyed our family structure, values, compromised our character, lost the respect of our youth and have no time to care for our seniors. We are out of control! Why is it okay to be a slave to an abusive slave master but not okay to be partnered with an abusive Black man? Are Black men more abusive than the White man for which you work? Have Black men ever been as violent and abusive to you as, their White counterpart? Why do you accept it from one and not the other?

Black men also conduct themselves in such a manner, as to cause their Black women to believe they are also too desirous of a monogamous relationship.

The realization of this all is, we live in a world plagued by violence and abuse and domestic violence and abuse prevails in our families, why? There are many reasons why, but some of the most common reasons are created in our efforts to live a double-standard life, to gain power, position and wealth, none of which has to do with good character.

Double-standards, who decides what is a monogamous relationship and when do you cross those lines and what punishment should you receive for ones perception of this violation? The greatest motivation for their quest for monogamy are words written in the Bible and threat of disease, all of which again has nothing to do with character, well if so, then there would be no need for either. If we lived the way we say we are supposed to live, there would be no need to tell us how to live.

As long as I can remember, Black women have had this double-standard sense of justice towards their Black men. Women, who are simply clueless about life and living it are some of the worst offenders as they go about the efforts of protecting their relationships. They will fight in a minute.

The other extreme to this Black monogamy saga are sophisticated Black women, those who are highly educated, over paid and no life, in their efforts to seek total dominance in their own minds. Their unsuspecting victims are often men who want to portray the say. These people have such a strong desire to prove their point to the rest of the world, they create programs offering products and services to help you achieve the same and what’s hidden is, nobody really wants a monogamous relationship, but the fame and fortune exuded by what would appear to be a more elite group of the same people. It is all about appearance rather than reality.

Reality: We have never had monogamous relationship, especially Black Americans. From the inception of the New America, all which has ever existed is violence, abuse, confusion, chaos and what was done yesterday has led to an alarming increase of all the same, which should be an rude-awakening to us. How many relationships are destroyed over the perception of one cheating? Now that same-sex has been acknowledge and accepted is some kind of proof we have been very pretentious about our relationships in the past. How many of our own people have we condemned for our hypocritical prospective on homosexuality? How many of our men, women, children do we still condemn for our hypocritical prospective monogamy?

How can a man live what he has never known? What is politically and socially correct within the Black community, what is and is not acceptable? Where is the understanding, the common ground.

(((your inner

"If the Truth Be Told…Monogamous Relationships Are Illusions !!"



YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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