Polygyny or Polygamy

There ain’t shit wrong with polygyny or Polygamy, except your dumb ass. If I've said it once, I've said it twice and here's why.

Polygyny is the most common form of polygamy; the much rarer practice of polyandry is the form of marriage in which one woman has two or more husbands.

And I don’t know why we don’t embrace such a harmonious practice, nor why we, as a whole rebuke it by making it illegal.

We embrace slavery and violence, conquering a land and killing its people and dictating to them how to live, even though our own is self-destructing. We have taken religion out of public places...

I had a female acquaintance who cut off our communications saying, Art, I think polygamy works for men, but not for women. What you said sort of puts a different light on our relationship. I think you are a very interesting fellow, and certainly thinking outside the box. I actually think that polygamy is harmful to women and often to children. A book you might like to read on that subject is: "The Nineteenth Wife". It is supposed to be a true story. Yes it does scare me off. I have enjoyed our conversations, but I am afraid that from now on, I would be second guessing anything you say....like what does he mean. I think you want a loving friendship which is REALLY more realistic anyway. It was a fun ride. Thank you for that.

Why do I need a book to follow my heart? When do you stop second guessing and start allowing people to be themselves, the individuals we truly are - more realistic anyway? How do you learn from doing or only accepting the SOS?

We do not value novelty in relationships, if it ain't like our social and economic failing relationships, we detest it.

Another - a divorcee, with male friends on the side says, It creates too much drama, it ain't Christian... A man can't handle more than one woman/wife. HELLOOO, why should any man or person try to handle another man? A Christina, neither are you!

What person, in their right mind, does not want to be surrounded by LOve Ones? Why would you deprive yourself and them, by not doing something so simple as "SLEEPING WITH THEM"? That's a dream come true, I don't care who you are.

Monogamous, if it wasn't for all the disease and drama we've created building "make-shift monogamous relationships", the world would be a better place.

Here is why there is nothing wrong with Polygyny or Polygamy: Emasculation of men!

Polygyny or Polygamy is far better than this monogamous lie we live and tell, for our on self-serving desires. For "peace sake", GET ALONE. It ain't what you got but what you do with it.

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