Black People Will Never Be Free

If you ask what is never, then I ask when were we ever?

The question is, “why do Black People want to be free”? What is freedom for Black People and what do they do with the freedom they have? Who do we blame? Do Black Lives really matter to Black People? Are Black People good leaders and/or good followers? Are Black People misinformed and misguided, do we making decisions which allow us to better serve each other and survive within the current system? My questions were why must I be taught how to survive in a white society and why do Black People commit such needless crimes and negligible acts against each other, especially claiming to be victims of a white society?

My parents are Black and I remember much of what was taught to me to be the art of dodging racism and trickery from my own people, both black and white.

For as long as I can remember and in every historical document I have come across the lives of Black People have been less than the freedom they seek. I mean whatever level of freedom we manage to achieve for ourselves only leaves us thirstier for the freedom we seek and it seems the more progress we claim to make, the less freedom we have. Is it freedom we seek or is it more like approval?

Do we seek freedom from crime, then why are we more dominated and plagued by crime? Does it take the threat of criminal action for us to make responsible decisions?  What kind of behavior would you call being arrested, fined, beat, shot, hanged, executed... especially by a blatant double standard society? 

Even after freedom from the American slave trade, Black People and whatever they created only left them thirstier for the freedom believed to be enjoyed by our slave owners.

Who do we blame for our own inadequacies? We blame everyone or anything, other than self. Is the freedom we seek an opportunity to seek equality from the very people and in the same land as the very people we blame for taking that freedom? Why should they treat you equal when you do not even threat yourselves equal?

If I was incarcerated and the prison administration gave me freedom and that freedom bound me to the confines of the same correctional institution, would I be content with this perception of freedom?

If these institutions demanded or pressured or encouraged me to look down on my fellow man because they chose not to participate in the social and political systems created by the very same slave owners, would I be content with this form of freedom? If I participated in a system, which caused “my future generations” to label me and all I did, as terms like disadvantaged, poor, minority, ghetto, illiterate, uneducated, dead-beat…, would I be able to see where this was going? Why do not Black People want to live in Black Communities or the communities in which they were born? Why is there progress all around us, yet not in Black communities?

Would I be free, if I was content living within a system prone to domestic violence and abuse, especially when my communities are inundated with the same?

Would I be supporting the system which takes away my freedom or would I be supporting a system which aides me in achieving my freedom?

Are Black Families really important to Black People, then why do we have an alarming and increasing number of broken families?

Do Black People really understand or over-stand their own reality? Do Black People really understand our willingness to escape Black People, in exchange for willingness to be approved by people we hate? Well, on one hand we hate what the establishment does to Black People but on the other, we relish in any opportunity to profit in the systems established by the status quo.

Black People who have achieved what they believe to be any level of success in the systems created by the status quo, now feel empowered to distant themselves from those who have not.

What would Black People do if they were to achieve the freedom they seek? Would it be what we are doing right now? Do we love each other, unconditionally, do we love each other because we are experiencing the same pain and suffering? Do you think the status quo will ever accept people who do not consider themselves good enough, unless they have been approved by the status quo?

This CORONA virsus thing or COVID-19 is an opportunity to think, what are Black People doing to help Black People avoid being contaminated, especially by their own kind? Historically, Black People have been practicing social distancing from Black People. Historically, Black People have been a source of contamination for Black People? 

Historically, Black People, achieving any level of success, have worn the mask of approval when engaging with other Blacks.

Is our version of freedom the same as for what freedom fighters fought? If our version of freedom leads us to more isolation from each other and prone to chase a dangling carrot, being dangled by those you blame, where is the responsible Black Community? How can you ever be free when your only version of freedom is to be like those you blame for taking your freedom?

(((your inner


Freedom more than a condition

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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