Freedom more than a condition

The Freedom I experience is like being in a box or behind a glass window, me on one side and freedom I seek on the other. It seems crisis are too numerous and rewards are too less, as I look at the conditions I am in.

So I ask myself a few questions? What about my surroundings? Why is this pain and suffering inflicted upon me? Why does it seem I am always short. How can I be free in slavery? I think this is a good place to introduce Dr. Benjamin Mays?

I am free to be all that I want to be! Freedom is more than a condition that exists for me in the physical world. Freedom is the essence of my being. Freedom moves from the spirit within me out into my life. Do "I" have the ability to make myself happy?

Like predator and prey, every time I avoid being eaten, I am free to change and to grow? Am I free to release any harmful habit? Am I ready to adopt new life-enhancing habits??

To be truly free of the conditions you are in, you must first free yourself. I am free to grow in every sense of the word, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.... All I need to do is get my priorities straight and that all start with my spirit. I don't let time or circumstances stand in my way. In my mind and spirit, I have no limitations on me.

I have the freedom to be my best and do my best in accomplishing my heart's desire. I live in the truth that I am free, knowing freedom is not free!

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. I truly believe. It might take a minute!

Freedom wills power?

(((your inner

Try saying Good Bye?

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