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Bad to the bone! ,,,,Marti, is that really you? What are you doing? Why you now? Are you Walking Dead? Are you always in the background? How do you make others feel? How do you influence the world around you? Where is Art in the word Marti?

Have you seen yourself on tv? Have you even seen yourself lately? What about in the mirror? How do you look? Yes, when you look pass all the make-up, what do you really see? Do you run from the camera? So you say you do not like it? I really do not care if you like it or not, but is it a a fact? Only you know!

Spooky is it not??? Is this why you go to church? How do you have an effect on life, if you are walking dead? Is this what we do to people we do not like? Is it doing any good? What about the skeletons in your closet, do you regularly clean them out or do you run from them?

People have been bad for a long time, why cannot we get shit right the first time? Do we give up hope? All this work we have done and look to what end it has come? Have we prospered, are we prospering? Do we know better? Can we do better?

Is this from where comes your inner voice, your closet? So when you look in the mirror, see pass all that made up beauty. Look until you can see directly into your closet. Understand if you are doing your part to make a positive difference or are you just weight on the wagon? That is how we got into this economic mess and this is how we can get out. Make a positve difference.

Individuals influence the world

(((your inner

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