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Be more! Do more! Have more!


Are you wanting to get the most out of life? Are you a spiritual challenge? Have you met your match? Today, we are playing the same old game, but by new rules. What about our parents and grandpartents? Did they really know love? This is my spiritual quest!

If you are responding from my newspaper ad, this is it. Welcome!

There is a desire within the heart of every man to stand mightily in his authentic power and creativity. There is an urge within the soul of every man to live in peace, joy and love. There is a call within the mind of every man to Be more! Do more! Have more!

If you are ready to... Satisfy that Desire... Fulfill That Urge... Answer That Call... THE TIME IS NOW!

I am on a spiritual quest? I find myself constantly searching for answers? I have many of them, but where is my person to share them with, my other half? My connection? My niche? I am feeling tense, confused, alone? I do not feel a spiritual connections with others. I am tired of making the same old mistakes or waiting until it is too late! Everyday has to be better. I looking for my spiritual connection. So, I am reaching out.

Include me and/or join me in my spiritual quest.

... NOW ORGANIZING! PHONE: 478-452-2597

My idea is to bring like minded people together for the good of the whole. People with the skills, insights and tools needed to step boldly into a better way of "Spiritual Being".

If you think you would enjoy organizing and working with someone like me, I welcome the opportunity. It is all about our energies. Call me and we can talk.

Serious inquiries only will be appreciated!!!

Please do not phone me asking what is this? You know! The idea is to see if we can work together. There is plenty of information on my website to learn about me and what I am about. My question is what about you?


So if you have the skills, let's get going. Do more! Be more! Have more!

Art---phone: 478-452-2597 or Email Art

Thank you,

Milledgeville, GA

(((your inner voice)))

Freedom in every sense of the word?

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