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Love Lesson from a Country Boy - Making love all the time

Why the fish? I love fishing and I know in order for me to eat and live, something has to die. That is a reality of life.

Making love all the time, is it possible? I love that idea, But? Does it even make sense? What about all our limitations and emotional walls? Intimacy is a shared reality. What about the human heart and mind?

Are we taught how to love? Do we know how to love ourselves? Do we have good models? Do we know how to get a better understanding with each other? Do we have time? I am my own student. How can I know about love?

My family despises me, my children are estranged and here I sit alone. Well, there is a reason for everything and that just may be my test of faith.

Are you up for the challenge? How many times do you forgive yourself, what about your partners? We can talk the love game, but it is another thing when it comes to practice. Do you run off when you have a problem? Is that part of your anger management program? Well, it used to be mine, until I learned to face my problems and the sooner the better. No matter how far and long you run that problem is still going to be there until you take steps to "solve it or dissolve it".

What comes to mind are those of us who think we have it all under control. Don't let one hand know what the other is doing? All these inner circles and who's in them? All these malnipulative type tactics and we wonder why nothing is happening for us. Why is our government operating the way it does? Too often we take people to be dumb to what we are doing, but keep in mind, to keep the left and right straight takes energy. Is that the way you would want to be treated? What is your role in this relationship and you wonder why nobody tells you anything? Why are you always caught off guard. Why are You the last man on the totem pole?

I had an instructor who said, "Don't bring me a problem without a solution". For the longest time, I had a problem with that, well if I had a problem how could I have the solution? But experience has taught me, it is true, there is no problem without a solution. Just the fact that you know the problem is enough information to give the solution. Even had one friend to tell me there are no problems, just issues.

The heart of the matter is love and love is the glue that bonds us all together and there is no better environment than a loving and supporting environment? How do you get it? How do you maintain it?

They say love is an action word, so you got to bring something to the table. What are you doing for self? What am I doing for you and what are you doing for me? The true blessing is in what you do for each other. Just how open are you in love?

Love and respect yourself is most important and your ability to share that "Oneness" with others, kindred spirits! Communicate love, especially when times get tough. Love teaches us to use what we know and have to bless each other, not to run off and lick our wounds. Love is what makes us superior beings.

I know only one love, Agape, and I am and practice it in my life. A pretty tough thing to do when you are really not too sure how to love yourself and all the other conditions we have established for ourselves. Once I get comfortable and confident in loving and respecting self, then I can love and respect others.

How does it start? We are born into loving families-Inspiration, Spirituality and Income. Well, if not your family, some where along the chain is a loving person and that is where it all starts.

Exponential Growth! Sharing love! United we stand! One nation! One People! Under...

I am 52 and single, so I have missed quite a few steps. Now I am dead set and determined to have it all. I love to join with people who enjoy working and playing together. Together is the oneness in love.

Love in word or tongue, in deed and in truth. Help us to be more gentle and humble at heart with each other and not so easily distracted by life's circumstances. My life transforms as I open myself to the infinite power that is within me. I experience a new sense of peace and heightened awareness. The foundation for generations to come, let us learn and teach love. When I learn someone is hurting, Help me know what to do and say.

Our love, or our lack of it is an expression of ourselves: of who we think we are, of what we want to be, of what we think we are here for. Love is a shift from surviving each day to thriving each day in body, mind and spirit.

the Greatest Gift of all!

Live a happier and healthier life, Let love rule.

AND, the first love, IS THE LOVE OF GOD, God is love.

One love, That's Art's stance!

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.

The Power of Love?

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