Plan for Success

With whom do you plan? Organization is important to keeping up with things, just like planning is to getting somewhere.

Does anybody have a plan, what about the plan? Is the plan, your plan big enough? What about big plans?

Most who never plan, it's because they have never been anywhere. They can't see the importance of it.

But if you have ever been any where and forgot something important, like your medicine or something, you were in for a rude awakening.

Have you ever been with an asshole who do not know how to plan? They become a burden, especially if they do not try to help. You're working one way and them another.

Planning is critical to our success. It's the most effective and efficient way to manage resources, no matter where you are.

Your call is important to me. People can tell you a whole bunch of bullshit, but will they reveal to you their plans? Most will not because they have been "cut off" too many times. It's just our practice. And even so, are things any better? I am here to tell you, it just does work any other way. So you can't give up.

Are you included and what do you really need to know? Betrayal is a terrible feeling. Is there room for me? How many of us can survive with your plan? Big enough?

Is it that people talk about shit, they ain’t going to never do? Do they call on you, just to waste your and their time, until they get what they want? Your call is important to me, so please leave a message and now you know.

We waste value time and resources talking about shit that ain’t got nothing to do with a “Bullfrog”. We just go on and on about nothing and we do not see the harm.

Why listen to anybody who does not have you best interest at heart? Why talk about things you do not plan to do?

What about large families, have you ever been a part of a huge family, do you like it, do you want it to grow and prosper or are you just looking out for yourself? Do you really love, admire and respect your sisters and brothers or do you despise them? Have you taken time out to listen to what exactly it is they want?

Why planning is critical to success or Why is planning critical to success?

One lady says, “I'm starting my own business as a consultant, business developer and other business enterprises. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Thanks for all of the love and support over the many years!”. They are not asking for anything, but, for your love and support. Planning is Critical to Success.

Planning is the process of cooperating, organizing, assigning responsibilities to minimize confusion and chaos. Planning saves valuable time and resources and is the most efficient and effective way. When everybody can see the vision then everybody can work independently towards that end. Is that what a good parent does?

You have been given a vision, so you can plan the execution, but it's upto you how you execute. With large families, you must plan. Plan because accidents do happen.

What’s your plan? How can I help you? Let us get on to the problem at hand. Change your conversation to all about what you plan to do, how people can help you and do it, if you want a change. Plan for Success!

Plan big, plan your work and work your plan.

(((your inner

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