Great Content

Content counts most, content is KING, Strike the root

Great content is created by users. Nothing is verified until you do it. That does not mean you can successfully duplicate it.

Real or made up, today's content tells us, we are faced with unimaginable problems with unimaginable consequences. All this time we led ourselves to believe we were creating such great content, innovation, implementing solutions and leadership, today tells us to think again.

Can you imagine how many people have suffered due to our negligence? What is ethical leadership? Look at our environment? Our attitudes... Further, it is easy to feel personally responsible because, whether you made the decisions or not; the negative impacts are felt by all and can easily cause us to do something even more awful--insecure, impatience, short-tempered, stubborn and worse.

Now, we know our mistakes, but what do we do about them? Do we continue on the same path, providing frivolous content and setting future generations up for the same failures? Do we continue turning and twisting content to cheat the people while protecting the guilty?

Failing to detect and address the root of our problems will result in our demise?

There are thousands hacking at the branches to every one hacking at the root.-- Henry D. Thoreau, Strike the root! Family values?

Great content is produced from the content of great character and our character helps to shape our future. Does not say you must be perfect, but it does say, "Be Good".

Follow the yellow brick road, is not here where you need to be, Contentment secrets?

your inner

The goodness of our character

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