Family values???

Lifestyles & Relationships – What do we have in common?

When we meet, what can or do we talk about? Is it the physical attraction? How do we get to the real important stuff, that will allow us to work and grow together?

Really, we should have a clue before we ever commit to going out with a "jack-the-ripper". That's what you'll end up with if you don't do you home work. Like hiring someone without an interview? You get what you deserve.

Family values, what roles do you play? What roles do you need fulfilled?

Famliy values, aren't they what every family wants? Something that bonds the whole family together? Something that sets your family aside from any other family, yet makes you feel a part of the larger picture of families? Having all that a loving family stands for, Then, why don't we have them? It's a family affair.

Teaching family values creates a foundation for making healthy choices in life? Are we more concerned about getting a job, than we are family values? Would jobs be an issue if family values were our number one priority in our daily lives? Are your jobs, the major source for safety and security? If you both lost your jobs could you still make it?

Family values are political and social beliefs that hold the family to essential ethical and moral principles of society.

What exactly makes up a strong family that possess good family values? A strong family is one that sustains its members — supports and nourishes them throughout the span of that family, no matter how tough it gets. Do we push others away or is there enough to go around? The harder it gets, the tougher they get.

Family, community, town, country - Relationships? It's all about working together. A good team and every member should be a plus to the team...the more, the merrier! I like a large working family.

Do you talk about the importance of health, communications, hard/smart work, organization, positive thinking, teamwork, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, generosity, caring, respect, discipline, hobbies, "freak" the earth and other forms of life? The list goes on, but the important thing is to get your priorities straight. Encourage these values through family communications.

Family, community, town, country - All about relationships?

Take back your life?

(((your inner

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