Contentment Secrets

A state of mind is a state of being.

Do more, Have more, Be more and Read more! I must remind myself of that often. Sometimes I can be so discontent with myself it ain't even funny. Somehow, so far I have been able to work my way out, like this article.

An inward feeling, contentment cannot be bought and is quite often elusive in a world that fosters a desire for more possessions, greater achievements and a life enjoyed by others!

Does it really make sense to be content and with what? Learn to be content whatever the circumstances. Spiritual contentment.

    Here are five tools for contentment.

  1. Love people. It seems easy but just try it. Respect them, all people.

  2. Resist the urge to compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person in the mirror.

  3. Maintain an appreciative attitude. When you are on the wrong track all that goes out the window. Thank you and all the magic words practice them.

  4. Choose your friends wisely. How, when I am meeting new strangers everyday? He that walks with wise people will become wise. People will either add to your contentment or undermine it. Their attitudes and conversations are bound to affect your outlook on life. YOU KNOW!

  5. Satisfy your spiritual needs. Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs. I am getting better at that and sticking to my guns.

Contentment is a means of great gains.

"Contentment makes poor men rich; "discontentment" makes rich men poor." - Benjamin Franklin

What more do you need? So let us band together one believer to another and make this happen. If you are so inclined Contact me!

Do more, have more, be more, read more, Go through the process all over again,,, What will it take?

Content is always king?

(((your inner


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