Country Girl or City Girl?

Which are you training your child to be, why and which offers the better quality of life?

If you're teaching truth in the difference, why would your child tell "me" how better, safer, securer, more comfortable she feels living in a metropolitan area, than she does living in a rural area?

What's the difference between country girls and city girls? Which one is most concerned about bugs/creepy crawlers?

What's the difference? Are you watching too much tv, are your priorities in order, are you concerned about the wrong things...?

The qualities we like in our women, what are we teaching?

Though we're all one, some of us like distinguishing the difference between country girls and city girls. There's no question about the difference between the locations, one being urban and the other being rural, but what about the people? Why wouldn't a country girl want to live in the city and why wouldn't a city girl want to live in the country? Why would any girl want to belittle the other lifestyle? Now, all of this got me when a little girl of which I am very fond, said she didn't like the country because of so many bugs, no people, houses too far apart, as to say all of that was better in the north/metropolitan area.

At the tender young age of 10 she has been convinced and there was no convincing her otherwise. She was terrified of the thought of living on a lonely dirt road.

Now, even though she had been delivered to the South due to a bit of instability in the North, she was still holding on to her "things in the North/metropolitan are better mentality".

Now, I got to thinking about that and I approached her Grandma who agreed with her. I was so appalled I said I am going to write about this City Girl vs. Country Girl mentality. I am going to prove that this bug thing, creep crawlers being more abundant in the South than the North is all myth.

I lived in quite a few metropolitan areas and saw just as many creepy crawlers there as I did back home and even more roaches, rats and other little pesty critters than I ever seen at home. The biggest rats, roaches, flies, germs I've ever seen live in metropolitan areas, surviving off the filth generated by too many people living in a small area. Things like water, air, noise pollution are far worse in metropolitian areas and with this being so, there has to be a degradation in the quality of life provided by metropolitan areas over the quality of life provided by rural areas. I ain't going to mention exposure to crime, especially Black on Black crime. The first time I ever saw one nigger beat another nigger to death was in metropolitan areas. Now, just from this, how in the Sam Hell can you or would you convince your little ten year old daughter to be fearful of bugs and wide open areas? Why woud you allow her to think some bug or creepy crawler located in the South is going to steal her away? Why do you teach these myths? The woods in the south are full with lions, tigers and bears, unlike the North? Why don't you correct yourself and your children?

If parents told the truth the quality of life in larger metropolitan areas is far less than the quality of life offered in rural areas. Sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine. Remember, old time church from where part of the country did those good old spirituals originate? This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine,,, hush, hush somebody's calling my name... All of which came from the spirit of good work ethics during the worse of times.

There was a certain time when people fled the South to the north for a better quality of life, but when they you got it, what did you do with it? Why didn't you make a better life for others? You say you appreciate everything in nature but why can't you deal with bugs/creepy crawler mentality about the rural South? I know there's a much better quality of living on the ground vs. living on concrete and asphalt.

It is not as much "what" as much as it is "the way" you do what you do. There are creepy crawlers everwhere but none like those in urban/metropolitan areas, just that many more people with that much more bullshit.

The best girl is the girl who can be just as comfortable, no matter the environment. She's just as talented in the country as the city life. She's just a graceful in the fields of the dirty South as she is in the streets of Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, New York, LA, Miami... As a matter of fact, she appreciates working in Nature more than working in metropolitan areas because she understands the difference between what's real life and what's manufactured bullshit. When you have peace and quite is when you are most creative. 

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!