To Hobble a Person

Why is that?

So why would anyone want to hobble a person that is not being arrested or so? Do people really understand that they are being hobbled?

Restraining! Restraining you from what or for what? This is just a routine stop.

People have enough to be concerned about, family, food, clothing, health, shelter and transportation. Yet, you still cannot have any peace because other people are out there scheming against you.

You are trying to get through today and they have already stole your tomorrow. Check utility companies? Do you think they have your best interest at heart? Banks, insurance, medical....?

They are scheming how to make their next easy buck, while keeping you preoccupied. Twelve years of education and the more we go to school the dumber we get. Why is that?

Schools are costing millions of dollars and becoming impressive institutions of higher learning, yet our economy is in a shambles. Why is that?

Properties and resources more and more fall victim to waste, fraud and abuse. Why is that?

More and more churches, yet crime rates are at an all time high. Why is that? Think about things, what exactly are we doing to ourselves and each other? To what end can this come?

More people but less jobs, go figure? More money but less money in the pocket? More food but less food on the table and in gardens? More freedom but less time???

Zero tolerance, why is that? Did you hire politicians to hold you to zero tolerance? Does that even make sense? Then what you hired them to do, they do not do,,,go figure? Everything zero tolerance! Did you say, zero tolerance for dummies? I am a dummy trying to figure this thing out.

We have more housing than ever before, yet they are not affordable, why is that? More cars yet less gas? Better water systems but less drinkable water? Did you ever think you would be paying $40 a month for water that you cannot even drink? Is that how our system was designed to work? Did you approve that? Do you approve of that? What is more important to life than food, water, shelter, health care, all of which hits your pockets hard? Is that what you approved? Do you ever seriously ask yourself, "why is that"?

People are paying much much more for less less less and less, why is that? How far can less go? How long? When a person is hobbled there is nothing he/she can do for themselves and the act of doing so is very degrading, demeaning and the hobbler is now your everything.

You and all your responsibilities are at the mercy of the people who hobbled you.

What can you do without them? What could you do if it were not for them?

Now, I ask you, Are "we the people" being hobbled today?

(((your inner

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