The Fatal Shooting of "Innocent" Children In America

Especially by those sworn to protect and serve. It's okay for adults to sell toy guns to children. It's okay for children to play with toy guns and it is expected for children to play with toys in a playground. 975 FATAL POLICE SHOOTINGS THIS YEAR and... only 8 shootings charged as a crime... and... Where is the justice? 

The state of the union 2016 -- Shoot first Think later? We all understand the "threat level" in America. It equates to our paranoid level, but my question is, "how is it decided whose a threat against"? How isit decided whose friendly, foe and does it include the killing of kids anywhere? How is decided how much backup a cop must have before becoming "trigger happy"? How is it decided when it's time for cops to seek another source, go to parents or to kill our people? The law is designed to protect who, law enforcement officers?

America boast how proficient we are in our alleged capabilities to deliver surgical strikes on enemy forces, with minimal damage to innocent people and non-military targets. What is our excuse for fatally shooting "friendly innocent children"? What is our excuse for "two" well trained policemen shooting a 12 year old armed with a toy gun in a playground - DAMN?

It is time for adults to stand and take responsibility for our gross negligent behavior and violations against our own children, our "so called" perfect storms.

He called the shooting a "perfect storm of human error, mistakes and communications by all involved that day," but added that "the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police." All as a 12 year old lay shot dead by two policemen, the very policemen sworn to protect them.

As a 23 year Army Veteran, I don’t like to speak before walking in another man’s shoes, but I must say, after reading this tragic story, "our policemen and those who support these random acts of police negligence are some "Sorry ass Son-of-a-bitches".

Where is the hero in this 12 year old's life, where’s his example, are you telling me it’s an acceptable accident, with no consequences or remorse, for a trained cop to shoot any 12 year old “American child” with a toy gun? I don’t care from where the officer was trained, but that is “Sorry Ass Police Work”.

After the fact, we all know this would not be an intended crime, It may not have been a crime but, a serious act of negligence on behalf all parties involved.  “A flagrant violation” of the right for any kid to be a kid, a mistake too often repeated, from which we should have learned a very valuable lesson long ago.

What's the lesson to kids and parents? We pay to be shot at? Don't play with toys in the playground? Parents don't buy and give your kids toys that could be perceived as weapons, by punk-ass cops who shoot to kill their own kids? We're all seriously effective, negative impacted buy these sloppy ass blunders.

ARe  you telling me it is okay to shoot my neighbor's kid, armed with a toy gun, gifted to him for Christmas as he play in a "playground"? When accidents go "unchecked" the message is "it's possibly okay for the next trigger happy cop to shoot a kid".

Would you shoot “friendly forces” because they’re armed? If we’ve implemented measures to help prevent shooting friendly forces, certainly we should be caring enough to implement safety and security measures to help avoid the fatal shooting of more innocent minors, especially those more daring than others? We know children will be children but what about adults ducking responsibility?

Do we take any reasonable responsibility, any more than the mischievous child? Do we just use our infinite adult wisdom to cover our gross negligence?

Doesn’t that tell you how convenient it is for us to cover up mistakes than correct them? Is it shoot friendly forces first and ask questions later, like a cop doesn’t know he volunteered to put his life on the line to protect our women and children? One day a cop is expecting to be some kids hero and the next day his worse enemy? Where is the honor in any of this?

What do you expect our children to think of the safety and security we provide them, how protective and responsible we are in their regard and we expect them to grow up and protect our stupid asses, our best interest??? Should I even call the cops?

A "perfect storm of human error, mistakes and communications by all involved" each and EVERYDAY and by those who would like to consider themselves innocent of it all. And it is a damn shame when those who volunteered to protect people according to the law, use those same laws to abuse the people and to cover their own asses.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!