Freedom wills power

The Power of Freedom, will power!

I have worked a long and smart to get to this point.

Since your accident, you cannot control anything, for you do not understand? So I have come to this point, I am lost and disoriented. Will patching work? Whatever happened to true-blue? Do we even see ourselves as a country or just political parties?

No, I must build myself anew, from the foundation up. I must get back to the basics.

Freedom wills power and power wills freedom. How do you get it? That is what and why we are so eager to defend and in that, we are true believers.

Like the alarm in your auto or home, you must know the code to get in without setting it off. Nobody wants to see the other suffer? I risk my life to save yours, is how to get the freedom and power we desire to live today. So the information we pass must be tried and true, all other bullshit aside. This is critical to saving our sinking ship.

It has safely and securely brought us through and it will continue bringing us through, as long as we have will power. Not the forceful power to will the world, but self and communities.

Know yourself and your neighbors. With good intentioned people is how you build a strong anything, not parties.

With each new day, with each new challenge our will power is renewed. Now, you have freedom and you have power, what is your will?


(((your inner voice)))

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