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Everybody starts out with a FREE ACCOUNT. It is your own personal account. The world owes you everything and everything you get is given to you.

Whether you are ready or not, one day, in the flash light, no matter what you are doing, that script is flipped. Now, you owe everybody. The more you do, the less progress you make.

How are you going to pay your debts?

You start grabbing at straws, most of which you wish you never grabbed. I call it foraging for life. For every stone you turn, there is either a plus or minus to your account.

You cannot stop because your life depends on it and no matter how prepared you are there will be times in your life where your account will be so far in the red (minus), you see no way out. Depression! Suicide! Crime...!

It is at this very point, the decision you make determines the outcome of the rest of your life. Remember, it is all being recorded on your free account.

Knowing things like this gives you a whole new perspective or outlook on life. That is why it is so important to make every lick count, it really does. Do not give up or waste valuable time and effort. Make the best of what you have, because every lick counts.

It's all can even talk about me...i never stop learning, growing, maturing...Thanks to you...My free account.

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Be honest, Get you an SBI account.

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