A GIMMEE world

It's a "gimmee world", but are they helping or hurting? by Art reporting from the Hilton Garden Inn, Washington, DC

Disaster aid causes more disaster???

Ain't nobody giving away shit has taken on a new meaning and now look what's happening... When will we come clean? Everyone else is doing it so I must do it to compete with them- mind games that don't work and encouraging others to do the same, not taking responsibility. How is that aid? How does it aid anyone?

It’s a gimmee world and what good does it do to go in and dump a whole bunch of charity shit in on victims?

It’s a gimmee world, but nothing is for free. Food, clothing and shelter was given and as soon as it was finished the gratitude faded.

How do you learn to stand on your own two feet with everything given? Every time there’s a disaster we overwhelm victims with charity and then we boast, flipping it for profit. However, due to the much needed help that never came, victims never recover. Instant gratification can never be satisfied.

Do you see what I see and is it time for a much needed change? An outcry, all gimmees ever do is whine and moan. What happens at the next disaster, what happens when we run out of charity, what happens as we failed to give the much needed help on a constant and consistent basis, especially where there are children involved?

What do they say about people who always want something given to them? They try to make it look like you owe them something.When somebody gives you something or anything do you appreciate it as much? That is how disaster aid causes more disaster, just as insurance fraud causes more fraud. People need help,,,,not handouts and this help shouldn't only come in times of disaster, but more effort to be prepared for disasters. Give a man a fish or teach...

Homemade does cost extra. They kept many secrets. Only dead fish go with the flow. You cannot change the pass, but you can move on to bigger and better things.

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Now, do you see what UNhappy relationships have in common and why?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!