Give Me What I Need So


Would you understand if what you were doing was not getting you where you needed to be?

Being that is the case, would you do more of it?

How can you put more in less? Just How does that go? When is the glass past full? Is it giving me what I need so I can get what I want or is it giving me what I want so I can get what I need?

Today, are we giving you what you need? Why would you give anyone something they do not need? What are we giving today, where can you go get it and then, what can you do with it afterwards?

Some years back, somebody came up with the idea of “giving” Americans education so they could get what they wanted. The question is, who’s getting what they wanted, is the “giver” or the “receiver”?

Education and what I’m speaking about here is formal education has well out lived its original purpose, we’re in a serious state of denial and we keep doing the SOS.

Think about that? Twelve years of formal education, is it giving our economy or our people what they need? Even though we’ve made education a thresh hole for ever citizen to cross, is it improving our bottom line, which are those things we said it would? Are we any less needy than before? Are we any better informed as a people? Are we better able to take care of ourselves? Is our system of education giving us what we need or what they want us to have?

Is formal education just another “empty promise”? When someone gives you what they want, normally it is what they don't want?

I don’t think there’s any disagreement about the answer to those questions, but why are we in a “serious state of denial”? Every year as more high school graduates pour out to fewer jobs, what do we have to gain by doing that? How can you put more in less? If you cannot find a decent job with twelve years of education and sheer numbers proves that, how is higher education going to be more promising, especially with fewer jobs?

Do we really understand what Americans need most? Are we willing to give it? Is the idea to give you what you do not need or want, so you can pay for what you need and want?

Poor people are not supposed to know anything are they? Why don't we give them more? Why are they not qualified?

What good is being qualified? When you are destroying everything we have?

So what exactly are you qualified to do with a high school diploma? Give what I need so I can get what I want.

(((your inner

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Am I better?

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