Happiness in a Very Unhappy World

How do you know when too many people are unhappy in the world? What do you do? Stand by me.

R U Mad?

Is happiness sitting in a ice cream shoppe eating ice cream? What about a fast-food joint? A car lot? Doctor’s office…An unhappy people in a happy world? The Happiness we’ve created is as phony as can be.  

So, when we finally encounter it,,, oh boy!!!! Ever tried telling somebody in love, not to be in love? We forget everything we knew, logic and reasoning goes out the window and nobody can tell us a damn thing because we know it all and it’s in our favor.

How many times have you tried cheating the system or playing the game and everything was all okay, as long as it was in your favor? How can I be happy with you suffering like hell? We’re working on an economy when we ought to be helping those who need help most. 

When the smoke clears we find ourselves drunk and we don’t know what to do but, invite others in. Especially, when it comes to romance, we’ve made romance a real unhappy hole?  We have a warped sense of value, expectation, assumption, condition, lies, how can you succeed without the proper tools? And it’s passed from one generation to the next. We work so hard “trying to meet the unrealistic expectations of others”, we’ve forgotten about our own. We are no longer taught to listen to ourselves, which I call YIV.

Happiness has check points along the line and if you miss these very important check points one side is going to get off balance. So there are two sides to happiness. Happiness is easy to run into but takes hard/smart work to maintain and we fail to realize that.

Gullible and/or naive, we’re constantly monitoring and struggling so one of us doesn’t get too far ahead. Then larger issues develop, which opens the door to things like control, ownership, manipulation, pointless laws, same sex marriage, racism, women rights… pitted against. The older we get the dumber they make us??? Why is that?

A system designed to fail, no clear roles, values, one sided; we never got off on the right foot. We actually create the cracks, traps… for us and our children to fall. What is the ROI, return on your investment and is it available to every citizen? If you knew what I know about marriage and relationships we have today, then we all would run the other way. But what good is running, we’ve tried that?

NO matter who, where or how much you have, you are going to "need somebody" to "Standby YOU".

It’s not just a gender, marriage, color, relationship thing, but our phony way of life - Banks, Schools, Housing, Churches, Hospitals, Insurance, Utilities... they’re our predators and we’re their prey, feeling helpless about these situations. We abuse everything, all our resources and when we get a little success we start to do stupid stuff, worse of all, we turn on those closest to us.

Pimps, hustlers and whores, anything to prove we’re better than the next guy and that is how all the games get started. Do you listen to the news, nothing but cronyism and corruption. Do we really care about anything other than “blowing up and new construction”? On whom can you depend and when you don’t listen to your inner voice, you already know?

The world is actually a very happy and peaceful place to live, but we’re not satisfied with that. We’re unhappy as hell, will not admit it and to cover it all, we keep creating good shit and abusing it. Then we promote it in such a fashion as to sell and lure the rest of the world. Do we know better?

So what do you do about cheaters, playas; learn and teach not to give them enough rope to break your neck. Maintain a healthy balance in your life and it causes others to do the same, all of which starts with listening and obeying your inner voice.


Smoke Signals

Love me or Not?

Cheaters, Playas

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!