For peace and perfect harmony, what kind of music are we making together?

When not in harmony, are birds singing out of tune with all of nature? How would that sound? You can tell when something is wrong, it is out of harmony. How do we look when out of balance or tune with life systems? It calls to your attention and aggravates until help or death arrives.

What are our standards, who is directing? When do we start and stop? How can we work and play in unison when nobody knows? Who is responsible? What are we hiding? On who is it going to fall back?

Double-standards, how do they reflect on our band? Are we open to discovering the truth? Will we listen? Are we playing by ear? Disharmony, selfishness and greed are they our standards? Are we aware of what we take from the earth and what we give back? Is it because you know what you are doing is not right? We will not survive like that and never get along.

As helpless as I am, I partner with others in living in peace and harmony. Healing with a growing sense of awareness of the Spirit within.

The question is: In the largest room in the world, where do I go from here — room for improvement?

Lack of love gives lack of harmony. When the harmony is off, the imbalance is disturbing, we stand disconnected and discontent.

Amidst conflict, you will be compelled to take sides. Restrain yourself, this is not healthy. We must learn the art of restraining ourselves for and from ourselves. The key is organization, listening and being obedient for the good of the whole. The whole is wisdom, understanding, largeness of heart and mind, which can not be obtained by force.

In which key are you? I enjoy being in harmony with self and those around me, saying yes to life, healing and wholeness. Above all, cloth yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Living and working in perfect harmony, speak truth and peace to one another.

Is this a trick like Thanksgiving? What about a "trick or treat" like Halloween?

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