Maintaining the Momentum

Why are hot moments so short lived? Who's spying on who?

Just to hear what the other person has to say, when asked what are you doing, do you often respond with "nothing"? And a new link is added to the chains of habit. What's the problem with being creatures of habit?

How eager are you and what are you willing to do to maintain the highest level of energy in your life?

Understand there are well more reasons to quit than there are to keep going, but keeping going is where you desire to end up. 

Why is maintaining momentum so important? Ever been at a point in your relationship that it no longer turns you on? Now, you’re torn and between? Why is that and what caused the abrupt change? Why are my relationships so unstable? Why has the flame fizzled?

In the beginning things were so fun and exciting but they quickly went the other way. Why are these moments of utopia so short lived? What did you do afterwards? What did you do after the honeymoon?

Why are you always alone in these endeavors, where, what is your back-up plan? Why can’t especially
Black People have any damn thing good and decent? Why is everything we do shadowed by stupidity? Why are our families so torn? What about the Healthy you? How healthy are you?

Most of us say we do not believe in adding on, but we do it anyway - cheat. So we know very little about maintaining the highest level of energy in life. He said, she said, what do you want her for,... and we are easily discouraged.

Following the wrong people, why don't we embrace each other, is it for the same reasons whites don't embrace blacks. Materially motivated there are too many Big I's and little "you's"! Can't express your passion and too little compassion? Who cares enough?

Every time you add another or think you have the right one, things fall farther apart, dependability? We settle too easy, too fast and the momentum goes into depression or celebrating. We're all trying to get through the same door at the same time, traffic jam and lord knows we have plenty of them.

We fail to understand that every time we accomplish one success it just leads to the development of another. We embrace bad habits a lot quicker than we good habits? Then we become too ashamed to change.

How open are you to learning new and how determined are you to maintain continuity? Though we are creatures of habit never stop seeking a better way.

The most challenging part of the success journey is maintaining momentum, through it all. Momentum is precious and needs to be maintained by persistent, consistent creative artistic output and lived this way. Small victories and jumps in your efforts are not resting places, but opportunities to help everyone get a little farther in life. Instead of celebrating the joy, share the joy.

... big trouble*, bottom out, bust, collapse, decline, deflation, depression, downturn, hard times*, inflation, rainy days*, return, shakeout*, slide, slump, stagnation...The world needs people who don’t tolerate the complacency of their own lives. Are we more a country built upon the principles of democracy or a corporation built upon the principles of greed, violence and abuse?

Life is a continuous adventure, full with joy and enthusiasm all we must do is maintain it, not fight against.

The creation of a good healthy team is a surefire way of maintaining momentum in life. Momentum can be built and when you build it, harness it so positive results are second nature, happening at a much more rapid pace.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!