Love Hurts

How, why does something that feels so good hurt like hell? Then what are you missing?

Even worse, why must I love all if it hurts so bad, mentally, emotionally and physically? Is that why we don't tell?

Know how we've created this world of wedding bells ringing, how great and wonderful it is to have these wedding bells ringing for you, well, here's what we don't tell you" LOVE HURTS AND IT'S HARD TO DISTINGUISH THE GOOD, BAD AND UGLY. Now, that's two times in the unpleasant and one time in the good. We act like it's so simple if you do the right thing, but you can do the right thing all you want because there are peaks and valleys, with far more valleys.

And at all times your relationship is in one of these three categories if it hasn't killed you. And unlike a relationship, you're teathered together by wedding vows and even worse, a whole bunch of legalities. So the pain can be short or years, and it involves the lives of those you've created and the lives of those around you and especially if you didn't listen. Rejection is a mother for you.

We leave you to believe once you jump the broom that's all.

Why don't your parents tell you this? Are you listening? Who wants to fail and when do you call it quits or is it just a hiccup in the road and you keep on going? The thought and reality of being together for long periods is provoking enough. Who do you consult?

One day at a time, Balance between Independence and interdependence. It is not a battle, but a balance you must monitor and maintain. You must not trust, but hold each other accountable for those things agreed upon. Take nothing for granted.

Like with stress, there's a good hurt and a bad hurt, so why bear a pain you do not have to? Good healthy relationships require hard/smart work constantly for stability. Embrace and Enjoy that pain.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!