House and Field Niggers

Which is better, How to know, The Difference?

You know we pick a whole lot of shit to follow. I guess we're trying to escape our miserable reality. So, what about all you people who think you're somebody?

Remember the middle class America, what about Black America... we always have to find a way to separate, distinguish our asses from their asses and then act like we don't know their asses?

Somebody always has to be high and/or low, the high niggers and the low niggers so we feel good about ourselves, yet we're to act like everybody's in the same class, knowing they're not, but they really are. Didn't think I could get that shit right did you?

NOw, for what you came here???

Do they still exist? The Old Uncle Tom ass Niggers where did they go and from where did they come? Are they the ones who don't want to be call Niggers? Are they offended...why? Why let that shit bother you? Are you trying too hard to be like them?

One day, I had a Nigger tell me he was a “house nigger”, that he didn’t work outside? Now, this was in 2012 and that nigger was an old country ass nigger but what’s the difference?

What decent human being would look down upon the work of another man? And you wonder what happen to our jobs? Next, is our lives. What decent human being would see their work beneath them? A slave mentality.

Who told you there was a difference? Why do House Niggers think that’s better than Field Niggers, why do they think they're better, in a better position, in better favor, as compared to the Field Niggers?

How, why do Niggers know about these two different types of Niggers? Is that how we came to the conclusion that White folk are better than Black folk? If you don’t think they’re better, why in the sam hell do you work for them? Why do you work for, why would you work for or with anyone you think “less than” you? Why don’t White folk work for Black folk? Have you ever tried hiring one of those old low down ass crackers? Why do they hire your ass? Why do they teach you such things? 

You're always talking about God creating shit, now, Who created Mulattoes? The public sale of Negroes. How do they teach you they can pay you more for your services than you can earn on your own, think about shit. Neither one of the niggers are getting paid, just being pitted against each other.

Anyway, now you know why and where the terms House Niggers and Field Nigger originated. Now, you know how those terms, how the difference was made? Now, which kind of human being are you?

(((your inner

Revolutionary NIggers

The day of Jubilee has come!

Booty Call, Been call lots of things

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!