Public Sale of Negroes

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Public Sale of Negroes, Blacks, African-Americans When is the biggest sale most likely to occur?

On Graduation Day, at every school in America, there will be sold Miscellaneous Lots of Negroes, mostly house servants, some field hands and some white folk.

Conditions: 1/3 cash, balance by bond, bearing interest from date of sale. Payable in one to two years to be secured by a mortgage of the Negroes, and appraised personal security. Auctioneer will pay for the papers.

A valuable Negro woman, accustomed to all kind of house work. Is a good plain cook, and excellent dairy maid, washes and irons. She has four children, one about 13 years of age, another 7, a boy about 5, and an infant 11 months old. Two of the children will be sold with the mother, the others separately, if it best suits the purchaser.

A very valuable Blacksmith, wife and daughters; the Smith is in the prime of his life and a perfect master at his trade. His wife about 27 years old, and his daughters 12 and 10 years old have been broguth up as house servants, and as such, are very valuable. Also for sale 2 likely young negro wenches, one of whom is 16, the other 13, both of whom have been taught and accustomed to the duties of house servants. The 16 year old wench has one eye.

A likely yellow girl about 17 or 18 years old has been accustom to the duties of house and garden work. She is sold for no fault. Sound as a dollar.

House servants: The owner of a family described herein, would sell them for a good price only, they are offered for no fault whatever, but because they be done without, and money is needed. He has been offered $1250. The consist of a man 30 to 33 years of age, who has been raised in a genteel Virginia family as house servant, Carriage driver etc., in all which he excels. His wife a likely wench of 25 to 30 raised in like manner, as chamber maid, seamstress nurse etc., their two children, girls of 12 and 4 or 5. They are bright mulattoes,of mild tractable dispositions , unassuming manners, and of genteel appearance and well worthy the notice of a gentlemen of fortune needing such.

Also 14 Negro Wenches ranging from 16 to 25 years of age. All sound and capable of doing a good days work in the house or field.

It doesn't matter.

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