Crabs In A Basket Syndrome

Overcoming the crab syndrome or theory

The general idea is crabs seek out crabs attempting to escape and pull them back into the pot, making it nearly impossible escape.

This theory causes many different negative reactions. It sounds like a wicked thing to do to each other, until one man explained "the crab in a basket syndrome" this way.

Understanding the below theory may allow a people to better organize so more may escape the dangers of the pot.

Here we go. What happens when boiling hot water is poured in a basket of live crabs? Panic, and they all do whatever to escape, including pulling each other back. Bottom line, they are just trying to survive the dangers of the pot.

Apply that same theory to people, we are in the Panic mode and are just trying to survive. We are not intentionally pulling each other down. The pressure to escape the dangers of the pot causes us to do inhumane things to one another.

Just think, if we would help each other escape and one of the escapees were able to turn off the fire under the pot, instead of just running away.

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