You create what you don’t want


How is that? What’s Holding You Back?

There are times when I feel absolutely powerless to help myself get what I need. I had a small cavity and I called around for affordable dental help until the thing rotted away in my mouth. When I succumbed to one of the most excruciating toothaches I've ever had in my life, a friend came to my rescue. I was very, very grateful, but the tooth I could have saved is gone.

I'm not sure exactly how this subject fits me, but it's while worth my effort to give it a try.

You create what you don’t want and it says, Learn this "secret psychology" - Belief, Confidence and Courage – open minded and non judgmental.

Belief, Confidence and Courage – open minded and non judgmental, in other words we become what we think every minute of the day. Yes, our thinking/intentions manifest themselves in our everyday life.

How is that? You need to go to the doctor, but you cannot afford it and there are many other examples - illness... Another good example is people are always getting what they do not need or want. All I think about is helping enough people to get me where I need to be.

Where do you find the people? You find them everywhere but it seems they're not interested in what I have to offer. To me it is simple, working together for the good of the whole. Even the economic and social decline we share today.

Find your niche, group of people who want what you want. I have such bad luck; I think it better they find me online.

What is it you want to create? A farm to cultivate Belief, Confidence and Courage, staffed by like-minded individuals to do what we know we need to do for each other – open minded and non judgmental.

Entrepreneurial-minded, experience in project management, business development, online tech, and marketing, I would love to meet anyone you know like that.

“Don’t Create What You Don’t Want”

(((your inner

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