The American Mentality

Organized chaos, why?

I say that is what we are up against, organized chaos -- thinking of the mind. Everything has to march to our drum beat when we cannot even march. When it comes to anything bad, we are first to deny. What did we ever do about slavery?

You can tell yourself that things are working out for the best or you can ask yourself how you can make them better? Do things need making better, how much better, how soon? Is it at a critical state?

If you are like me, we have blamed everything else, had every chance and excuse, including the race card; but to what end?

Now, when you reflect back just a little, you might can better understand why. Why are we so obese? Why poverty and crime are on the rise? A mighty few are talking about how great things are while the masses are talking about how grave things are? Which is it?

How are we doing in managing our resources? Why are not we number #1? We have great programs and all that kind of stuff, but what is wrong with our economy? I mean you can do all the good business practices you want, but if your country is failing what good are they?

Our mentality has caused us to be very bad at managing our most valued and quickly shrinking resources. Prevention, what are our alternate plans? Future, where do we go from here?

Americans are very self-confident, where, when? Is it confidence or arrogance? There is something about rich and poor, and abusing the system. Which people are we providing jobs for, from where did they come, when? Through immigration, people are getting more while jobs are getting less. We give jobs to any other immigrant, but when it comes to a Muslim? Sad to say is it not? Change.

Probing our history, culture, lifestyle and consciousness; Americans have a Holier Than Thou mentality. Now, we have come to a point where something has to change. Again we must realize that family, not job and work, is the most important part of our lives and then maybe we will start to turn out better students and a brighter future. The most difficult thing to change is you.

Whatever happened to character building, growing our own food, affordable housing??? We have everything to make things better, so why do we not?


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People who take freedoms away?

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