People Who Take Away Freedoms

I do not know, but for lack of a better title? Does having college degrees make you smarter? Whatever happened to common sense? How do you become an authority?

I try to write things out so I can have a better understanding, not so I can remember tomorrow, but so I can better understand today. Double standards? Why put men over women or women over men? What or where would be the logic, the understanding?

People want “the job” but they do not want to go through “the experience”. Then, should they have that job and are they really qualified?

Integrity and continuity is a responsibility, not an option! Life comes with lots of risks, the less experience you have, the more negligent you become, the less responsible you are, the more riskier the task you are about to perform. You can do nothing without the experience.

Every person authorized to take a way freedom, will first have their freedom taken away. This is not what Art says, but a simple fact people often overlook before they jump.

You cannot get around this law. Just try it. When you attempt to get around this law, your thoughts become corrupt, hypocritical in nature and lead to holier than thou attitudes. How can you restrict, without first being restricted? How do you understand and sympathize with the hurt, pain and suffering you are about to put on others? What are your limitations? Let him without sin cast the first stone. Understanding this basic principle in life helps us live better lives. For every action, there is a reaction. Whatever you do to one person is already done to you.

We think we have gotten away with the blind leading the blind, but we are facing those results today. We've exhausted all our resources. Lack of vision, willful ignorance and neglect?

You cannot be a parent without first learning how to take care of yourself and others. You can try all you want, but you will not live long enough to survive your own learning experiences. That’s why you have parents, grandparents and therefore, can become better parents! It doesn’t matter what uniform you put on, you cannot become that until you have had the experience. How can you be a pilot, yet never flew an aircraft?

It doesn’t seem so serious on the surface, but when you look at how hap hazardously we are now living, all of this significantly contributes to the chaos and confusion we are experiencing today. Just to show how truly ignorant most of us really are:::: How can you have someone in a position to remove a child from a household whom have never overcome the experience of having a child removed?

Today, I told someone that and they strongly disagreed, saying, in order for me to be allowed to remove an abused child from a home, I must first be abused and rambling on about how good of a parent they had been? I answered, Affirmative, in order for you to be authorized to remove a child from any home, you must first have overcome the experience of having a child removed. In other words, how can the blind lead the blind? Otherwise, how can you most effectively and efficiently help someone else overcome? You can’t, as a matter of fact you will only make matters worse.

Can you judge someone without first being judged? The problem comes when we put people “without experience” into positions that “require experience”. That’s why we have children having children. That's why we have parents with bad parenting skills. That’s why and how domestic abuse flourishes. That’s why our children rebel against us. That’s how incidents go undetected. It’s like putting someone under the steering wheel that does not know how to drive. How long will it take them before they learn? Will they ever learn proper driving courtesies?

Who’s responsible and where is the continuity? Experience is the best teacher and there is no better substitute for experience.

You cannot do anything without the experience.

(((your inner

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