Mississippi Niggers Telling Georgia Niggers

Can you escape?

I'm tired of hearing the likes of Mississippi niggers telling the likes of Georgia niggers, “You can make if you try in America”? Well, who the hell doesn’t want to make it?

The deal is you have the minority telling the majority they can make it “if” they are more creative, innovative… the highest poverty level and the lowest income...

Well, that’s true to a certain extent, but we're going the wrong way about it. We're teaching the wrong damn things, so how in the hell can we make it?

Why in the hell did the Mississippi nigger come to Georgia and why can’t the Georgia nigger go to Mississippi looking for a better life? And then why did Presidential Candidate Barack Obama exclude states like Georgia, Mississippi.. from his campaign for electoral votes?

I’m tired of educated Mississippi niggers, even though you have the highest degrees you still do not feel validated and/or accepted and you ain’t coming across right, your delivery is not right.

What you ain’t understanding is “they only let you through to satisfy the quota”. And you are the wrong nigger.

During the Holocaust who were the successful niggers? Because you worked in the big house and me in the field house did that mean “I could make if I tried”?

Is there a need to escape, why? Can you escape? Escape from where to where? Would a move from any state, in any  cardinal direction in America be any kind of safe haven for blacks?

What I’m telling you is, “The masses are programmed to fail”. And the minority is pitted against the masses thinking they made it.

How can another man free you from yourselves and what people sigins your paycheck? From which people comes your money? Do you work for yourself, you people...? Is it the process or the principle?

could have freed more had they...

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LIving in Bondage

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!