Native and Afrikan Americans, and ISIS formally accuse U.S. of genocide

And what, who cares, who is coming to our rescue?

This shit amazes me. I just read headlines which said "U.S. may formally accuse ISIS of genocide".

Something came over me. I can't fully grasp it all right now, but it has to do with: Knowing what we know about ourselves, how in the sam hell can the U.S. have the nerve to accuse anybody of genocide?

Fully understanding what went on and is still going on in America, if anybody is going to be accused of genocide it would be Americans. This is not funny, false but truth and I am an American.

The headlines would be more accurate if they read: ISIS, African Americans and Native Americans will formally accuse U.S. of genocide. And there is proper justification for this and nothing has changed and nothing is being done. So, how can we do anything about what the hell ISIS is doing?

an intense behind-the-scenes debate over the label, if you must debate it then you already know. Without a question Afrikan and Native Americans know.

How the declaration should be worded and what it might mean for U.S. strategy against the terrorist group. Simple, the U.S. is guilty of wiping out and destroying many Nations of Native Americans... The Trail of Tears is just one incident. Americans are also guilty of enslaving, exploiting and destroying the families of Africans in America.

“None of us have ever seen anything like it in our lifetimes,” Kerry said  about beheadings and atrocities committed by the Islamic State. This totally false, but to the contrary, the U.S. is the greatest perpetrator of crimes against humanity, including their own people.

plans to invoke the powerfully evocative genocide label — an extremely rare move.. The only thing rare about this is: It is the pot talking about the kettle.

mass killings, beheadings and enslavement of the Yazidis — a relatively small minority group of about 500,000 in northern Iraq that the terrorist group has vowed to wipe out on the grounds they are “devil worshipers.” How many Afrikan slaves, raped, hung, castrated, denied human rights... What about all the atrocities committed and still being committed against Native Americans?

Committing killings, kidnappings, forced removals and the confiscation and destruction of all belonging to these people..., have we forgotten, is not it still going on? And all of these atrocities are being committed by people "so called Christians". 

crimes against humanity, who's the greatest perpetrator?

Pentagon officials have expressed concerns that a genocide designation would morally obligate the U.S. military to take steps — such as protecting endangered populations or using drones to identify enslaved women... How can you do something about their situation and nothing about your own?

1948 international treaty that compels signatory nations, including the United States, “to prevent and to punish” the “odious scourge” of genocide defined as acts “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical (sic), racial or religious group.... Where was this treaty in 1948 in America and how is it being applied in 2016 in America?

Am I a "nobody"? Am I to say, slavery of Afrikan Americans does not exist in America because "they" say it does not? Am I to say, mass killings of all Native Americans and Afrikan Americans are excused? Am I to "go along to get along" and think this is helping my situation and the situations of every other American? Am I to accept the only way for me to work is to work for them? The only way for me to be educated is to be educated by them... A people who treats animals better than it treats its own citizens?

If they work and none of their monies goes to me, but I work and a large portion of my money goes to them, what is really going on?

Why do Black Americans say: "President Barack Obama has not paid his dues"?

"Proof the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade still exist in America"

(((your inner

Why will not Black Americans admit they are still in slavery"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!