Push through and achieve amazing results for doing it.

Are you working out? Physically? What about spiritually? Which is more important? I have seen the before, what about the afterwards?

I like the plan and the program, but I am also experience enough to look down the road. Self-esteem or the lack of self-esteem will make you do some weird things. You really know nothing about being in the best shape of your life, but you are daring and trying. Physical takes more work than spiritual and spiritual delivers better results.

If you are rotting from the inside out, what good does it do to do all that physical training? You’ll just have more energy to keep doing the same old same old. What are you going to do when you get older? You can keep being insane for the rest of your life, but when you get old??? Just like you do not want to hear this, nobody is going to want to hear you. You are too old to do all those insane workouts. Your mind and your body is just not up to it.

But a good healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle….will get you ready and keep you ready.

Physically speaking, I had a body that could have put a lot of the exercise junkies to shame and have done it, plus it was all natural. I could out run, jump, last and could back it,,,,,But now, I wished I had put all that energy into something more conducive to old age. A good healthy diet can do that. It will get you ready and keep you ready. No doing insane exercises in the gym but working out in your garden, producing something other than insane abs, biceps,,,getting ripped? These things will create more problems down the road. They cause you to focus on the physical rather than the spiritual. Your body can be worn out? You feel like you can take on the world, with what?

What about healthy food, healthy eating and drinking? Healthy working? You know, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle would solve a lot of health issues.

Build from the inside out, that will put you in the best shape of your life.

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