Clearing Your Mind

Is your mind and brain the same? Why don't we still have a clear vision for America...

Or does one work through the other? Why do we all need to be able to think clearly? Who decides who needs separating from who and why? Who keeps drawing all these lines? Why is there a wall street and main street mentality? Why waste brain waves that way?

Questions, ideas, plans... the mind is constantly working. Cleaning, purging all the old shit out to make room for new, how often do you do that? All this fucking thinking, why and things still are the way they are today, just getting worse… think about that? Isn’t that telling you something?

Ever seen a group of people and how they behave, scary isn’t it. I don’t care how small or large they still need police and barricades – crowd control. Well, it’s same damn thing with your mind, it’s over crowed with bullshit from all these “groupie people” twisting and turning things to serve their own selfish purposes.

Are you one of those kind whose mind is cluttered with all that bullshit from the past? Imagine carrying all that shit around, just in case? You develop stereotypes about people, places and things and you refuse to let go? How closed mind can you be?

After 56 years of living, I look at all the shit I’ve accumulated mentally and haven’t used in years, none of which is any good anymore, English, History, Social Studies, Japanese History, French, Algebra, songs, pledges... just to name a few. What I should have been learning was Spanish and how to keep these crackers off my ass... And you wonder why there are so many mental disorders –stress.

A little secret for you::: Why do people lie about what God has done for them? Why do they feel that giving God the glory is going to change what's going on with their asses? If you don't do shit then God ain't going to do shit. And as bad as your asses are, why do you think God allowed you to do that? Do you just think God is sitting around in heaven waiting on your monkey ass to do another stupid thing? Do you ever think God has more important things to do, like put out all these fires, make room for the dead, monitor other planets.. who told you his name, who wrote it, who described God to you? In other words, who caused you to believe in something other than the voodoo shit you do? We are some self-righteous asses.

What am I going to do with it and why am I holding on? These are the very things holding us back. One man being the keeper, hoarding whatever he gets his hands on. Ever ride by an old farm and see all that old shit laying rusting in the fields? Why is that and why do we hold on to so much junk?

They say one man’s junk is another’s treasure so why are we so afraid to let go? Give, Give, Give, only the strong survives and you can only be strong by helping others achieve the same.

I’m a republican, democrat, libertarian… but what does that mean and how does that define you? Why do you identify with standards set by another man, what’s wrong with your own? My parents told me it’s best not to follow crowds. They taught me to be an interdependent thinker. My question to you is why aren’t you? Why are you thinking with a party? How do you teach your children to think?

Mass media and corporate America, people are so fucked up, deeply mired in bullshit, old fucked up ways… today, in their thinking, thinking that following someone rich makes them better human beings, when all you are is a puppet on a string being used by irresponsible people. No compassion, purpose, understanding, your brain has literally rendered itself dysfunctional due to your own negligence. Did you know people only use 1% of their brain? You don’t use it, You don’t think for yourself and you behave as heathens. There’s huge difference between puppets and a like minded individuals? Does living in a nice neighborhood make you any better, then what incentive do we have to perform our Christian duties?

Why do you align yourself with anyone who believes in things like killing niggers kkk, black panther, wall street, crips, bloods, shooting people, taking from Native Americans, abusing women… and if you abuse women you also abuse children. There’s so much violence and abuse…house, cars. no respecter of self. Looking out for Each Other - Instead of being loyal to a party, why aren’t you loyal to yourself?

Free your mind and your ass will follow... Ways to clear the brain and mind, expressing your true self, doing what you’re supposed to and only you know that, and communing with nature; in other words “there ain’t shit to think about”.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!