Standard of Living

From the days of Leave it to Beaver to the Brady Bunch to the Cosby Show and Rosanne up to now... the standard of living has changed, technology has changed, wages have barely gotten better and gas, utilities, and products are more expensive.

The man worked, the wife was a homemaker, and the kids were kids. Entertainment for kids was playing checkers, dolls and gi joes, listening to radio while mom knitted and dad smoked a pipe, family picnics, flying a kite, reading a book and riding a bike.

Technology increased exponentially. Kitchen items became all electric. Garbage disposals, electric refrigerators, electric range, blenders and you have vaccum cleaners and gas lawnmowers replace brooms and push mowers.

The home became modern and high tech and this meant entertainment would be high tech.

Wages did not increase as fast as the cost of living did. Now the standard of living was kitchen appliances, televisions, phone lines, modern lawn and home care appliances. But wait....there's more.

Record players gave way to 8-track and then the cassette. This meant having a portable music system in your car and home. This also meant having an alarm on your car. The black & white tv became color and the family tv became a tv in the living room, a tv in bedroom, and a tv in kids rooms. The average family had much much more to spend their money on to maintain standard of living. And cost of products, gas, electricity and other bills kept climbing. Soon there would be video tapes and vcrs (beta and VHS).

Let's skip to late 1990s----- Standard of living was a walkie talkie sized cell phone, cable tv, internet, computers, playstation and other electronic gaming systems, walkman and watchmans, cd players, dvd players, total electric kitchen , and modern appliances and tools. Pay scales did not increase to keep up with modern technology and the standard of living.

During bush til today with obama-----Standard of living is a cell phone for every member of household over 13, microwave and modern refrigerator, more than 1 tv in the house, 1 car for each working adult, an alarm on home and cars, 1 or more video game systems, 1 or more computers in the home, internet for home, cable/dish/direct tv in the home.

Add in iphones, ipads, handheld gaming systems, bluray, mp3, mobile music, netbooks and laptops, plasma and lcd, netflix and redbox, water softeners and purifiers, and devices all over the home to make life easier and automatic.

Clinton, Bush and Obama didn't make modern technology. They didn't increase the standard of living. They didn't create the internet or ebay. Many people spend more time on internet than talking to people in person. More shopping online than in person each year. Mom and pa stores cannot compete with internet shopping nor superstores. Talking in person is not the way, so small businesses dont attract new and young customers. And Small business loans don't get you customers. Small businesses are now on ebay or as an online stores and that saves on having a storefront and tons of overhead. Mom and pa can't give living wages to employees or themselves. But they can run an online store.

Stores that have to increase pay cut back on employees. Jobs are downsizing. The superstores flourish. Superstores now have banks, grocery, department store, garage, hair and nail salons, mcdonalds, starbucks, gas pumps, dentist, vets, etc. Convience. The modern full service store.

It isn't a liberal thing....Republicans and conservatives have made millions in the past 8 years. Sarah palin became a millionaire. She has books, reality tv shows, hosting shows, and other projects.

She became a millionaire the same way glen beck, michelle malkin, and rush did. They aren't middle class and have no clue what it is to be middle class in modern world yet scream like they are the average person. Fleecing lemmings who are all too glad to give them their last dollar.

Broke people during clinton stayed broke during bush and are still broke. People weren't living in xanadu under Bush and all of a sudden it got bad. Stats show it has gotten worse for middle class in past 12 years. Getting worse each year.

And Sarah palin wasn't going to click her ruby heels and magically fix everything. They can't punk the rich like it is a reality show. The rich just charge more for their products and the middle man still eats it. She can't wink and all of a sudden the ghetto family becomes the huxtables from cosby show. The trailer park and beverly hills don't meet in the midle because sarah palin has people thinking she can walk on water. She can't keep mom and pa stores afloat in our modern era of ebay and online stores. The average households spends way way more money now and aren’t making much more.

Blame government. Politicians have always blamed the person in office and promised sweeping changes. Once in office they realize it takes many years for things to happen and the changes you think are so easy arent so easy when you are in office trying to get them passed. Talk is cheap. It works for radio and tv shows but not in office.

Nothing changes overnight nor will it get better overnight. Gather the data from the bush years and compare it to the clinton years. See..we have steadily declined for a long time. - "B and SD"

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