Pumped Dry?

The only thing pumped dry is our fucking brain. New global crisis of vanishing ground water...???

Aquifiers being depleted and wells going dry??? Why do you have a springle system, why do you feel so compelled to water grass, unchecked? What's in your swimming pool?

We blame everything but the real problem. The only thing pumped dry is our fucking minds and here’s why.

Water is one of the most precious “life giving” resources available to human beings. It is natural, a must have and freely available, but do we want it that way? Then, why do you consider it “vanishing”?

If you say vanishing it makes me think, “oh, the water is disappearing”. We don’t even drink enough water, so where the hell is it going? Can it be too many baths, too much cooking, too much walking, where the fuck is the water going?

It is not so much ground water is vanishing, because what we use just goes back into the earth.  There’s no fucking way for water to just vanish. As long as rivers flow water is available, you just might have to go to it. Call it God’s way of recycling and ensuring there is enough to support healthy growth.

Now, enter a “greedy man” into the scenario, someone who abuses whatever is plentifully and freely given. Pollution sets in and what was readily available is still available but not fit for human consumption. Take wood for example, though we over cut our forests, plenty of wood is laying around in different forms, but we don’t think about re-using it because we think we’re above reusing shit. Now, you sit there watching all this wood rot the fuck away. We’re just focused on one fucking thing. Why must everything we build be made from the same fucking materials? For example, Why can’t we build a house out of  some of this old plastic shit laying around, why can’t we reuse the shit we couldn’t use for the last fucking stupid project that didn’t work? Why can’t we reuse some of all this trash we don’t know with what to do? Why do we consume well more than we ever need?

Because of our greedy ass nature, we don’t take time to conserve shit. Because of our greedy nature, we don’t make the best use of resources available to us, including those we’ve already consumed. Because of our greedy nature, we use it once and litter the earth. Then, we allege it is vanishing, oh global warming, climate... Well, if we’d made the best use of the plow, we wouldn’t need a tractor, now every man has to have a tractor, every man has to have a “manicured yard”, more, more and more and for fucking what? Every fucking thing is cookie-cutter. Abuse of phones, computers, tv’s, cars, roads, buildings, hospitals, fast-food, advertisement, news, sale calls, businesses, buses, trains, fertilizers, chemicals… you name it and the reckless abuse of all this kind of shit is devastating to our natural resources, which is devastating to life. The end! Continue reading "Mass Production"

Shit ain’t vanishing, we just do not want to take the time to figure out how to better compliment what's going on around us, instead it is all about "me, me, me". Joe Smuck is making money at it, I’m going to do the same shit bigger and better than Joe Smuck so I can make even more money.  Buffalo didn't just vanish, alligators didn't vanish,,, they were abused for profit. We must learn to work better together. Quality of life is based on choices, not chances.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!