Mass Production

Does mass production mean freedom of choice or does it mean DEATH?

The question is How are we maintaining?

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 the word or phrase for which I was looking to better describe the "vanishing" term is MASS PRODUCTION. 

Mass production is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines. The three main methods of production, job, batch and flow.

Job Production, Batch Production, Flow Production are all fancy, over complicated words and phrases, based on our own experiences, meaning YOU ARE GOING To hit ROCK BOTTOM. YOu are going to run the fuck out.

Why do we need a liquor store, gas station, church, school, car, money, dollar store, fast food joint, police... on ever corner, in mass? Choices, Choices, Choices, life is choices not chances? Why do we need mass media? Why does every town need five different kinds of grocery stores selling the same old inferior shit? What good is managing food, water, air, land supplies when the quality is steadily declining? What good is building lavish homes, businesses, hospitals for "individuals"... when we're depleting all of "our" natural life giving resources. Don't we know we can't own shit, we can't take none of this shit with us, the more shit you get the more shit to maintain?

Where is the word Sharing? Where is the word Balance/stable? Whatever happened to the word community owned and operated ? Isn't it a known fact the more you have the more you want? And the crazy part about this all is we have become dependent, addicted to shit we don't even need. So, much so till we think it to be progression. What did people do before we had all this unnecessary shit and call it necessary?

Even with all its disastrous side-affects, we continue to mass produce like hell. Our life style choices have evolved into self indulgent convenience. This is what freedom of choice will get you.


Maintaining the Momentum

Cutting people out 

Balance In Life

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!