Racism and White Supremacy

Looms like a raging wildfire across the world. We struggle to no ends to extinguish wildfires but the wildfire of racism and White Supremacy we nourish.

People who intentionally take unnecessary risks, hide/ignore the dangers, the negligence and call it business are people who support White Supremacy. They trade inferior goods for profit and hire people by tempting them with offerings, promising of a better quality of life for doing so. This is too often disguised under the heading of "benefits". Why cannot we be totally responsible for providing our own quality. Why do codes prohibit what would cause a better working together relationship?

Even victims of these two great evils are just as guilty of committing these two great sins against themselves or even more, than the Whites themselves. All of these combination helps to camouflage, so no one party cannot point a finger at another. The question is, What good are we doing and how can we achieve the desired results while working against them?

Now, we have convinced ourselves, doing one thing, while saying another have evolved into being the accepted norm. Even though we believe we have "rights", deep down we know, not one of us is better than the next. We are pressured to sell these evil notions through many means, primarily through education, religion, jobs, defending our country...

Even our greatest leaders accept and support racism and White Supremacy, so why not their followers? You cannot be a leader without followers. What parent would teach their children how to fail, what people would teach their children how to destroy each other and how would any of these destructive behaviors lead to peace and prosperity?

What is White Supremacy: It is living a life of betrayal and deceit.

What is racism: It is the art of directing that life of betrayal and deceit against an innocent people.

How productive are these: None, they are crimes against humanity, punishable by even death and are actually counterproductive.

Why is it so wide-spread: It works off addictions, just like drugs, so much so until fear, greed and guilty feelings encourages you to keep your mouth shut.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!