Are Americans as productive as we claim

Well, if you call entertainment, self-righteousness, ignorance, and deliberate gullibility productive, then we have been very productive, but the easy answer is "HELL NO".

I am the lowest man on the totem pole in America, which makes me wonder what the best look like. I have never been to jail, college educated, served my country and have lived a very productive and stable life, doing what I could to avoid being set-up for failure. Do you believe American actual set the kids up for failure, especially Black Americans?

If I feel I am productive, why am I calling my country counterproductive? Obviously, you've forgotten my first sentence. Americans want you to live how they live, no matter how miserable they might be. Just like in the ghetto or the alleged crabs in a basket syndrome, plagued by one addiction after the next, but in a serious state of denial. Americans would rather discredit people like me, than include us. We are pressured into conforming to less than desirable standards in order to make a dollar. Why would you pressure me into telling lies? Technology buffs relishing in their digital creations, my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. What good is information overload and/or not applying it? Too much wrong information.

American corporations tell well more lies than I could ever dream of, yet remain in good standing in our economy??? Dressing for success or jobs, is just the opposite of what we were taught in school, that is  a waste of time isn't it? Fraud, waste and abuse, do they count for anything productive? Why did we remove the most important subject to life and living in America from schools, which was Home Economics. Now, we have students who cannot pass economics. Why do Americans practice dumbing their children down while cleverly building your own up and expect them to be united??? There has been a long tradition of anti-intellectualism in  America, unlike most other Western countries.

What is the big American secret, if the top is really the bottom and the bottom really the top, I am so honored to be on the bottom. In America, it is a time when 20 year knowledge is more respected than 60 year knowledge. Bad health is more popular than good health. Formal education exceeds commonsense. Kids raise parents instead of parents raising kids. And you wonder how Native Americans kept this country so pristine, over a longer period of time and how quickly we have polluted and exploited every resource we can get our hands on, yet calling this productive.

(((your inner

Insurance Fraud

Slavery, poverty and state of denial

Formal and Informal Education

Misinformed and Misguided

Domestic Violence

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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