GPS recalculating in Life

Do you really know where it is you're going? Most would say yes, but I beg to differ and here's why. Ask a person "how are you doing" and their response, too often by habit, is  "fine".

GSP has become so popular because "we the people" have not a clue about where it is we're going, even if it is around the corner, why is that? Because life is constantly changing. Yesterday doesn't look anything like today... 

Insult to injury, our internal GPS is lazy and don't want to change/recalculate. Then, there are so many different ways to reach the same location. Then, there are traps to be avoided along the way, so it is very good to have something to look ahead and give reliable feedback.

You wake-up in the morning, and even if you're fully positive,,, shit starts to happen. Even worse most often, it is obstacles we've blocked our own paths. All the stuff we've created to make life easier comes with a very expensive maintenance cost.

Then, most are to afraid to use what God have given them because we've been made to believe we need to follow the wrong path. By now, there's so much chaos and confusion, we're too tired... even a GSP can't help, we want believe it.

Just as the best GPS recalculates in real time when it perceives you have made an error in your directions, we must be prepared and recalculate in real time, just as easy, when we realize we've made a mistake.

Profit Centered vs. Principle Centered.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!