Blest thought!

cross made from the chains of slavery

Not lost, Blest
But gone before,
where we shall
To part no more.

- Words taken from the Headstone of a slave's grave!

The fact you are here means: YOU ARE HEALED! An Undeniable fact, a truth. Say `Blest Thought`. HEAL a people, Nation and World!

Some get it and some don't, be grateful there is a power greater than you who made it easier by already figuring out the hard part. Our mission is to make it easier for the next generation by figuring out the hard part for our generation.

  • For the good of my people and welfare of ALL.
  • Back to the basics.
  • Moving forward and making peace with self.
  • Encouraging others to lead, something people can do for themselves. Enter to learn
  • Self-sustaining living means "Lifting as we climb", Your God and Mine!!!
  • An Intellectual Revolution to be heard. My 'aha' moment - 9999! Seeing something and saying something: The spirit of our nation, different for a different time.

(((your inner

Slavery Burial Marker

Life after death?

"She’s satisfied when he’s satisfied"

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