Foul Smells??? Air Pollution

We must be a pretty foul smelling people by now...

Do we even know how we're supposed to smell? Is there a such thing as overdoing everything? We just can't seem to get enough smelly products to mask or sport the smell we want.

People of today must stink-up everywhere they go. We've dirtied-up so much, Clean is no longer a pleasant odor. Even our good germs are being overwhelmed by bad germs. Pollution is everywhere and so is the ball of confusion.

Daily, people give many squirts to the already overwhelming pollution problem. We raise more hell about a public fart than all the pollution... so much so till we bury our dead deep in the ground to keep anyone else from possibly smelling us.

Our own smells have become offensive to us. Is that an indication of something much worse? There are good smells and bad smells and bad smells need proper attention, not masking. The source needs proper attention!

Smell, stench, funk, or stink, have a negative connotation while words like scent, aroma are used to describe pleasant odors. What we need to smell has been replaced by what we think we want to smell.

Aren't smells one of our most important senses, aren't they indicators of what's going on? What's the use in smelling shit when we've masked the real evidence? Hadn't the purpose of a nose been compromised when we deodorize everything? Now, we think shit smells like febreze.

Whatever happened to "fresh air and sunshine"?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!