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Thinking about it?

Are you thinking? Think about it.

Poor Dirt Framers don't think about it. Keep reading...

Is it because you don’t think about?

All the bad shit we been going through, is it, you just don’t think about it?

You don’t think, it just is.

My grandparents were Poor Dirt Farmers, just like everybody else. They were doing it! Think what they could have done with the money you waste today. Banks were failing, stock markets crashed and Corporate America was leaping to their death from the top of buildings.

During the Great Depression everybody had the same problems and that was for people to better survive. Poor Dirt Farmers were and still are Honorable Slaves to the land and this is a Global thing.

Survival was the number one priority and everybody knew it. Surviving, think about it.

It did not matter, they got the job done by helping each other. I am talking about Poor Dirt Farmers, no matter the color.

I am a Poor Dirt Farmer, are you thinking about it?

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My Poor Dirt Farm.


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Thinking of you!

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