Natural versus spiritual thinking

The problems and difficulties of life are all spiritual. A spiritual thinker?

The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit

We have been seeing that by going "into the sanctuary" - the place where God had made provision to meet with His people - the psalmist has put himself in a position where his perspectives can be changed.

For it is here that his thinking begins to change from natural thinking to spiritual thinking. He had been thinking like a natural man, considering life from just one perspective, but in the sanctuary he begins to see life from Spiritual perspective.

What is the difference between natural thinking and spiritual thinking? Natural thinking is on the level of the earth - the level of man; spiritual thinking is on a higher level - the level of God.

Under the pressure of circumstances he had reverted to thinking naturally about his problem. We will never learn to live effectively until we understand that the whole of life is spiritual, not just parts of it.

Why it was that none of the rulers of this world recognize me? It is because they look at me in a natural perspective - they see only what they want to be.

Without the Spirit operating upon their minds, they just could not understand. Ultimately, the problems and difficulties of life are all spiritual; so the sooner we learn to think spiritually, the better we will be.

I realize if I am to become a spiritual thinker I must allow You to think in me. I have given You my heart, help me now to give You my mind. Think in me.

(((your inner

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