Straw Purchases 

Caught in the cross-fire...Tracking the Bloodshed..The term is new to me, but the practice is too old and familiar. Art reporting from the Hilton Garden Inn, Wash. D.C

Should children have guns, what about irresponsible people? Do we know the difference?

What happens when people refuse to obey? Why, when we call upon our government for intervention? Do we wait until too late, due to our own selfish desires and insecurities? Why can't we live "without" a gun? We've elected a bunch of crazies!

Did we elect them or are they the only ones to run, the lesser of two evils?

I like guns as much as the next fellow, but how are we using them and does it demand the attention of a more responsible people?

Is a gun first or last result, self defense, deadly force you into submission. What is our primary weapon of attack?

Straw purchases is a term used to describe the buying and selling of guns or other items prohited by law.

The problem escalates because guns are used to commit SERIOUS crimes, they're flooded on our streets, homes and communities. A gun is the most dangerous weapon we have today. The use of guns is simply out of control. So much so our elementary kids use them to commit mass murders in schools. In a serious state of denial, is that elementary or what?

Guns are tools to aid us in providing for ourselves, but the real question is: What are you providing? Instead of being used properly, increasingly and at an alarming rate, guns are being used to "will power" in support of curruption.

Though we act like that too is new, there's nothing new about it. Guns have been the weapon of choice since the beginning of America, as we know it today- Cowboys... It is Americans who historically has been the biggest culprit at abusing gun priviledges. We refuse to act responsibily when it comes to guns. Caught in the cross-fire, all sides are shooting at each other. 

Now, our President has been compelled to intervene on a federal level and we the people have the nerve to question the necessity for such an intervention. Why not after Kennedy, MLK, Ragan, 911, ...

the rights of law-abiding, responsible Americans to bear arms, now, what does that say about the rest of us?Are guns our only option? Protecting our kids and communities, is there a better way? Are you man enough?

Is it the people or Special Interest Groups, intent using the power of guns to get what they want. Do policemen protect the people or only people in power.



Common sense measures prevent gun related tragedies from tearing apart our families and consequently our country. But have we been using them? These measures won’t fix everything but they are a start. And it’s time we started - common sense. 

Tracking the Bloodshed, YOU must take responsibility...

(((your inner

Gun Control

God, Guns and Gold

Gimmee World

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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