Gun Control

What happens to young men trying to figure out their way? Coming to your senses...

If there is no fun in what you're doing, then why do it? Is fun shooting your own hand off? What about Russia Roulette or any other potentially lethal game of chance? Does it take an accident to bring you to your senses?

My cousin shot his hand off and his brother cried.Gun Control, the sound of soul and shooting rockets to the moon, just a ball of confusion.

What happens when you shoot your own hand off? God Damn!

It’s too late, are you lucky you didn’t die? What would be your new attitude? What would you think about gun control? If you are careless with a gun, do you deserve what happens to you? Accidental shootings are they really accidental?

The people surrounding him were so upset, confused, shocked… they didn’t know what to do. They dealing with the injuries, thinking about the implications, trying locate the missing body part… The did everything but call for emergency services. Instead, they chose to drive him to the hospital where he was refused medical care. How much does it cost for an ambulance to be called? Is there a law against a hospital refusing care? Is it accidental or intentional? Will finances or personal problems stress you out to a point of losing control?

Will the police investigate and what will the investigation real? My cousin shot his hand off and his brother cried. A ball of confusion that’s what the world is today.

What happens to dying of natural causes? If you play, you play for keeps. Would you play russian roulette in order to save a soul?

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Saving Souls

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