The Relationship between Black and White Americans 2017

Why do White Americans cause Black Americans to view them as the authority on everything, knowing they are the authority on nothing?

Would you help a known criminal, disturber of the peace?

Of course, most would say, "they don't have to", but then, why would anyone do it anyway? Try to rationalize this? Why would you be so accommodating, why would you adopt and accept his values, standards and conditions by which to live? Even if you did not participate in the abuse of yesterday, why would you support the people who boast of dominating people who look like you and call it a JOB? The Audacity!

White Americans would like Black Americans to act like they are welcome, even though we know we are not. How do Black Americans know we are not? Every action in America is created by and for White Americans. If White Americans created laws to protect and serve Black Americans, then how could White American remain dominant over all the resources needed by Black Americans? How can a people historically denied, blindly put themselves in position to allow the people who historically denied them, be in total control and solely responsible their health and welfare, and call this a work towards progress, equality? How could a people historically denied accept this gross form of power and control as making progress toward dignity and respect? Blacks Americans are welcome but not included.

Why do we work so hard at appeasing to those who reject us? Why do we want to claim home to a place already claimed by a thieves, who captured us to further their cause?

How much effort will one man put forth to prove him dominate over another man and to what extremes will the subordinate go to prove himself loyal to his master? Black Americans have done far more for the advancement of their white counterpart than they have ever done for God, none of which has ever been reciprocated in kind. And Black Americans are the first to demand reciprocity of their fellow Black Americans, why?

The illusion in America is all Black Americans are welcome. Welcome by whom and for what? Why do Black Americans have a need to feel welcome in a country where they submitted themselves to the most humiliating jobs a human being could ever submit, "as long as you can work or pay, you can stay".

Stay for what... to help us further our cause.

How entertaining is it to seek out opportunities to help, entertain the people by whom you allowed yourself to be brutally abused, yet you want to criticize me? Ever tried rationalizing the relationship between Black and White Americans? Ever rationalize the relationship between Black Americans, Black Americans and Afrikans? Why do we want to be the best person for their game while turning our backs on our own game? Game knows Game

Even our parents are sending us down the drain. How can we be more loyal to a world renowned criminal than we are to our own kind? These white folk got us killing each other on every front, we've got stop the violence, stop the killing, all people lives matter... all as an excuse to keep serving, keep furthering the cause of, keep acting like we are seeking to be gainfully employed by the number one world power. Do you think you are included in this superior power base, do you have a right or is it closed to all but a very select few, which doesn't include you, in order to keep you in the blind?

Black Americans, who historically have been mistreated by white Americans, now blindly put their faith in white Americans to provide their most critical resources and they choose white Americans as superior, in every way, over Black Americans and Black Americans go through all the effort to make this appear to be true. Black American know any sign of resistance to laws of White Americans will be taken as a threat to White Americans, but threats carried out by White Americans against  Black Americans are covered under the laws created by and for White Americans. Don’t you think Black Americans know this and the more money they pay Black celebrities to entertain their wicked business interests, the more accepting we become - pressure, fear and intimidation. Why would any animal take up refuge with his sworn enemy? How could the perpetrators of these evil crimes against humanity, pay their victims hush money to act like things have changed, but you can only act like what they allow?

When we see our best and brightest submit and when our best and brightest say it is alright, this endless cycle of deceit, violence and abuse flourishes. No matter how better a Black man is or think he is, he can only be as good as White people approve. Black people are used for things rather than being embraced for who they are, which causes us to act like what we think the highest bidder wants to see and in this is our greatest crime against each other.

Black Americans know they are not welcome, as human beings, in America and never was, but because we survived and fear escaping, we see it more profitable to adapt and praise the White man for sparing our asses and for this we commit to serving his every wish, command and demand. As a matter of fact, we have accepted doing this job for him. Black people do not want to be White but prefer to act White to gain favor of Whites. What kind of favor is this?

Why do we feel the need to help a known criminal, why do we use job to justify our help? Why hate White Americans, hate the game.

(((your inner

Blacks Americans setting up Black Americans

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!