Upper Class "WannaBees"

They come in all classes but have their sights set on one class.

Today, wanting to be Upper Class is like asking yourself if you want to be great? We associate wealth with success and are obsessed with this idea.

First you have to answer a few questions of yourself. Why be middle when you can be upper? How much more time and effort does it take? Exactly!! What is it all about?

I submit to you, there is only one class of people but we chose to further divide people into two distinctly different and degrading classes, the upper and the lower, with the lower representing the masses and the upper representing the ruling minority.

The middle class, if you want to call such a thing, are those who are stuck in the middle of moving from one class to another. You can more accurately describe them as the transient class, because they are trying to avoid lower and achieve higher. This is also a label we give ourselves to make us feel like somebody, to appease to our own selfish ego, "WannaBees".

To be in any class, you have got to have more than "no skills". I talk with people every day and for the life of them, they cannot identify their skills, not even one. They are very smart, talented people doing nothing with their skills. They are really the living while dead .

Well, if you cannot identify your skills, what happens to your self-esteem? Your life is being lived in vain? You can see how the daily drudgery of a job outside the home can profit you and you call that important. Your work, your job is from where you draw your self-esteem. It is like all around you, you see nothing except the grass being greener on the other side. How does this make you, your spouse, your family feel? Everything you need is always just out of reach.

When it comes to relationships, think about that. What exactly do you have to contribute? Remember what you said about the lower class, how lazy, ghetto, trailer park, and unforgiving they are—demeanor, actions, respect? That it is not about the money, but about the mentality? Well, that’s because they do not see their skills, talents and gifts. Their self-esteem is only as high as their jobs. Self-esteem, they think they have none, so they act accordingly. Self-esteem.

Even by your own standard and admission, you are in the bottom of the lower class and nothing I say or do is going to change that mentality. 

It all depends on your Demeanor, Actions and Respect. Every human being counts and wants to be GREAT!  Every person "can be" GREAT!

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