Thriving Communities and Good Neighbors

Thriving communities where people extended themselves to help their neighbor are now, a thing of the past, what’s on the horizon? There’s a new housing development in every part of the woods, from where are these new people coming and what’s happening to old communities?

If communities of yesterday weren’t good enough, to what are we coming today? Communities were developed for the integrity of our own safety and security; to ease tension and stress, to make everything better. We wonder why are relationships so toxic in the world today? Though we act otherwise, America is no stranger to the words looting and burning. They never wanted you here but what would America be without you?

How do communities today benefit our children and elderly? As you may know, America got off on a very deceptive, violent and abusive start, so where did that lead us.

Today, community has taken on a whole new meaning. Lavish houses, terrorist neighbors, neglected community needs and no respect for people, land or property. This scenario is the backdrop for very toxic relationships, including church and justice system. Though some communities look miraculous from the outside, it is just camouflaging neglected social services and education. It makes you wonder whose monitoring shit, where are momma and poppa and what the hell are they doing, where are our leaders leading us? How is this thriving and who cares?

Those who grew up there move elsewhere and create the same old poverty stricken behavior. Childhoods memories, friendships are often severed and sense of commitment and loyalty are not as strong. You don’t know your neighbor and even more devastating is you fear your neighbor.

What is a “good neighbor” anymore? Why have good neighbors if they aren’t doing you any good?

What communities were built upon, what communities were supposed to become and what communities had in common no longer exist and has been replaced by fear. The fear is not of what you think, but the efforts to hold on to and maintain the current economic and social order.

What is a gated community and why? Is this how we get back to the unlocked doors we left behind? Locks are more common than welcome signs and still not enough to exceed safety and security measure we knew yesterday. On one hand we say we’re getting better, but on every corner the message is otherwise.

Now, we have cameras and security systems for which we must pay, is this getting better? Is this how healthy communities are supposed grow? When are we going to “get it”?

If communities aren’t experiencing healthy growth, thriving, then what good is all other?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!