living in safe community

Do you really want to make a "profound difference"?

Ever tried telling the whole truth, without telling all the truth? Was it true, was it false, what is in between?

Am I the only one living in a safe community?

I’m told, I live in a safe community, as a whole I write like everybody else is living in an unsafe community. So these people aren’t seeing what you’re saying.

I be damned if that’s so. Is anywhere in this world safe? Why not? What if the people changed? What if you helped them? Do you have any power? How can you be right and everybody else wrong?

If my community is fucked-up, what does that say about me? Why wouldn't I want to if they wanted to change? You have not because you ask not?

My community is more fucked up than the average because it is so small. So what does being small imply? Is it harder, why did black folk migrate from rural America? Why do we tend to make more money in larger cities? Is rural America really the best place to raise a family? Is racism more prevalent in smaller communities/towns? Do you have more or less freedom? Why are the people in smaller towns more oppressing than people living in larger communities/towns?

Do you know how many years Black America has helped White America, where's the ROI? How long do you help anybody and they're still demanding more and making you feel guilty for not giving? What kind of marriage is that?

Insurance, Banking, Health care, Religion, Justice... do they all need reforming? The department of corrections is that a contradiction in terms, like "just us"? Is it just a black thing, but if black chose to correct just this one problem, would it speak volumes for us or is it better we keep believing what we know isn't so?

Is Black America safer, more secure than White America, why not? If you say freedom is what you make of it, then what are we making of it?

(((your inner

Crime in Black America

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