Times of Preparation

Growing character, what does you wife say...

Ever get tired of travelling alone? All the places you want to go, but for some reason are unable to get there? What's the problem, who's fault?

For what are you preparing? I've dated and have been friends with plenty, but for what were we preparing?

Most of our plans only included us and obviously they didn't worked or things would not be the way they are.

This article ties right in with Dreams without Plans and Black on Black Violence. It's not just about Black People, but the ability of black people to create their own to become a vibrant part of this economy and social system and to receive credit for that. We can do it.

In order to meet these obligations, we must be prepared, no matter who's you are, if you want to best survive. Boy scout's motto

Preparation is not wasted or ineffective. Being better prepared means being more effective and efficient in all we do. Life has seasons of preparation. Whether you're in school, starting a job in the entry-level position, or wiping toddler noses, it's all valuable and usable in this life. Who or what keeps you from being GREAT?

Being better prepared grows our character, deepens our interdependence, and gives us meaningful connecting points with other people.

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Character Above All 

What made you say that?

Who or what keeps you from being great?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!